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I work for a river company and we run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in Arizona.  This cream is excellent!  After being on the river for two weeks, you really need a good cream or lotion.  No-Crack is my hand cream of choice (works great on feet too!).

Barb King
Ivins, UT

I wanted to let you know how great I think your product is.  I suffer from eczema on my hands and found your cream on a store shelf when I was desperately looking for something to help relieve the discomfort of my dry, cracked hands.  I tried it and it was like a miracle.  I have since told my dermatologist about it so that he can recommend it.

Eileen Koehler
Kenosha, WI

To Whom it May Concern:

I was introduced to No-Crack last year in Minnesota. It is fantastic – I have cracks on my fingers and the heel of one foot in the winter. Never have I found anything that works like this No-Crack. It must be the best-kept secret in healing hand cream – Everybody should know about it.  I use all three kinds now and my hands, feet and small cracks on my fingers are doing great. Don’t stop making or distributing it. It is marvelous.

B. Ortenbald
Mayer MN

Dear Sir or Madam:

I live in Gilphur County, Colorado and recently took my girlfriend and her baby to the doctor. While we were at the pharmacy I saw and bought a sample of your Day Use hand cream. I like it so much, it works so well on my hands.

C. Vangel
Golden CO

Dear Dumont Company:

I am a physical therapist at a hospital and live below the Olympic Mountains in Northwest Washington, state. Three to four years ago I purchased two samples of your hand cream in Illinois. Because I must wash my hands so frequently at work they quickly become rough and dry. I am plagued with my fingertips cracking and becoming painful.    I have tried numerous lotions, balms, etc. over the years, but always find them too greasy or too strong smelling, or it quickly washes off. I seldom "endorse" a product, but your hand creams certainly meets my needs.

K. Lawley
Forks WA

Dear Sir,

I purchased a jar of No-Crack hand cream a few weeks ago and think it is a wonderful product. I’m a gardener and a RN this is the product I’ve found to keep my hands from falling apart.

K. Armstrong
Coldwater MI


I have loved No Crack for years!  I give it as gifts to people I know with really chapped skin.  I am an RN and it is really great for
health care workers who wash their hands very frequently.

Lisa Reiman-Strand

Dear Sir,

I had been using another well known product (much more expensive) for dry cracking skin problems until my pharmacy told me
about No Crack.  That was about 10-12 years ago.  Anyone who tells me about dry, cracked skin I just say "No Crack".  My daughter moved to the Denver area a few years ago and has begged me to send her some every year.  This year I found your Website under No Crack and she has found that she can find No Crack in the Denver area.

J May
Oshkosh, WI

Dear Sir,

I am a musical instrument repair technician and my hands need to be very sensitive in my trade.  I'm exposed to all types of chemical agents that dry out my hands and the sides of my fingers used to crack by the knuckles, which eventually began to bleed.   I don't think I need to tell you how uncomfortable that is, but after using No-Crack, I can honestly say my hands rarely get to that point now.  I'm impressed with the non-greasy feel, and how a small application goes a long way.  I'm hooked on No-Crack.  No other lotion comes close.  My hands thank you.

B. Wong
Sacramento, CA

Dear Sir,

I have had a lot of problems with really dry skin.  In fact, it gets so bad that my hands crack and bleed.  I have tried several different lotions but all of them make my skin burn and hurt worse than they already did.  I saw the Day Use No-Crack at Restoration Hardware and decided to try a jar of it.  I have used it every day since and I don't have anymore problems with my skin cracking.   I will definitely never use anything else!  I'm glad I finally found something that works.

C. Potvin

Dear Dumont Company,

I am the daughter of a pleased customer.  I currently attend school in Illinois and want you to know your products are fantastic!  I have passed your name around to other Biology majors who are up to their elbows in the greenhouse or laboratories, and during the bitter, cold central Illinois winters the Night Use cream makes life a lot more comfortable!  I have used the creams for over a year and I would like you to know, as a busy college student, nothing compares to your products.  I have tried so many different lotions and when my knuckles began to crack, my mom surprised me with some of your samples.  Now I carry the samples in my backpack because of their convenient size and refill them from the larger containers.   Thank you so much for the wonderful service.  I expect to be a lifelong customer!   

J. Carroll
Eastern Illinois University

Dear Dumont Company,

My daughter is 10 years old and a competitive gymnast.   Since the age of 3 she has been plagued by painful cracks on the bottom of her feet which bleed and have been very slow to heal.  I found your No-Crack products while on a trip to Wyoming and they have worked miracles.  Thanks!  And keep up the good work.

M. Christensen
Mandan, ND

I have been using no-crack for five minutes and I already noticed the difference.  Being an active member of the polar bear club I will definitely carry this with me at this years jump and offer it to all the plumbers and pipe fitters who I know that take the plunge with me.  Thank you Dumont, thank you.

Marseilles, IL


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